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"Warrior - LUHA!"

Breaking through walls, stereotypes, and all challenges faced and becoming loved by fans of many genres of music even outside of Hip-Hop. J-NiBB has managed to stay in his own lane and grab the attention of music lovers from all walks of life. With his unique blend of musical style, powerful messages, and vulnerability he produces an ear catching and inspirational sound. Experiencing a miraculous healing from spinal injuries of 5 shifted discs, out aligned hips and pinched sciatic nerve making most physical movement intolerable. Overcoming depression. Overcoming homelessness and pursuing back into a successful life. From touring across the country on multipe independent tours, Several National TV appearances, International TV appearances, Gracing the cover of International & National magazines and appearing in The XXL, Hitting the Top 10 as the only Independent artist on Major mainstream radio, headlining the Mississippi College tour, 7x award winning artist, 2x Hip-Hop artist of the year, 3x Award winning Single of the year, Album of the year, Hot 16 winner, Freestyle flow champion along with many more achievements.

J-Nibb received 2 #1 singles on the independent radio charts with his tracks "All God" and "Trap House" that are streaming everywhere now on his new album "In My Own Lane" hear it now here. Play Now

  J-NiBB has performed along side the likes of Tauren Wells, KB, Big Sean, Travis Porter, Wu-Tang, Bone Thugs N Harmony, Twista, Dizzy Wright, Blanca, Kim Burell, Canton Jones, Mali Music and many more. J-NiBB has traveled around the U.S. bringing high energy and captivating crowds with his lyricisim and flows. J, is a pleasure to work with and an absolutely amazing artist to have headline or be apart of any tour and event you have. Music isn't all, from speaking around the country you can also book J-NiBB as a Keynote - Power Speaker. With life changing testimonies, divine wisdom, stories and topics that will relate and bring inspiration to all people from any age and background.


J-NiBB has been on tour since June 2023 closing in on 30 dates with goals of a 40 date tour Nationally and International for his In My Own Lane Tour new album release. If you'd like J-NiBB in your city contact us!


Coming from a small city where drugs were increasing, a broken home, bad decisions and overcoming tough challenges, J-NiBB has always been somewhat positive, "Only you can make it happen, Consistency gets the Victory!". He has never recognized "I can't." His participation in sports brought him recognition for both his leadership and motivational skills. With big dreams, his senior year brought them to a hault. Suffering  spinal injuries that eventually caused him extreme trouble to the point where even walking and sitting was almost taken away completely...
   Hip Hop was introduced to J-NiBB at a young age. The first song he remembers hearing was "Move, B***H," by Ludacris. Immediately, he loved the beat and flow that Luda posessed. Not long after, the writer in him was revealed,

then soon after, J-NiBB was born. 

 At the age of 19,
J-NiBB released his first mixtape, entitled "The Warm-Up." Its success gave him the opportunity to sign a distribution deal with a branch of Universal Records in California, as well as performing and being alongside some hip-hop icons and legends such as Big Sean, Bone Thugs N Harmony, TwistaSouls of Mischief, Nappy Roots, Wu-Tang, Project Pat, and more. He also hit the Top 10 on major radio stations in Mississippi being the only independent artist to do so with his single "Break You Down," as well as headlining the Mississippi College Tour. In 2014, J-NiBB released his second CD "Sleepless Nights & Early Mornings," which landed him in The XXL Magazine, and took him to Hollywood. With successes mounting, J-NiBB's personal life began to have undue influence. The funny thing is throughout his career, he was told that the music he was producing should be music focused on God. With no ear to hear that, He would take a "back seat" until His Plan for
J-NiBB was fully executed.
As God began His move on J-NiBB, attaining success appeared to be becoming more difficult. Not only that, but the spinal injuries became worse - and he was almost unable to walk for two weeks. About a week before he was laid in bed for 2 weeks he received a prayer cloth from Transformed Life Church (pastored by Brian T. Hamilton). The pain became so great that he decided to use the cloth. While doing so, he felt a "shift" and after four years, 5 shifted discs, "out-of-alignment" hips, a pinched sciatic nerve, chiropractic treatment, and tons of pain pills - J-NiBB woke up the next day free of pain! He had been healed in the mighty name of JESUS!
God didn't stop there. After He healed J-NiBB, freed him from depression, anxiety, brought him through homelessness and overcoming other obstacles. He sent strong confirmation on the purpose of his life. After being unable to deny what had been spoken to him he began to go to work in a new way. Working better than ever on what became his third project 'Internal Conversations'. Once the first song was completed the fire was lit. This album took him to new heights and new successes with multiple independent tours around the US.
J-NiBB has now finished 2 independent tours across the U.S. Top 10 radio placements, Charting on Billboard. Performing at major festivals across the US. Making the front cover of multiple magazines national and international magazines, and much more. J-NiBB has events booked throughout 2022 and accepting more now. He will be on National TV again soon, we will be scheduling tour dates for his upcoming summer fall 2022/2023. If you'd like J-NiBB in your city on tour or to power speak contact us! 


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“Theres this wall we all have to break through in life,
the wall is shielded by darkness, anxiety, depression, bad relationships, & fear.
The only person to break through that wall to get to the light that shines on your destiny is you" Be a Warrior!
"Consistency gets the Victory" –  J-NiBB

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