a.k.a J-NiBB

Joshua Theo  Mission Statement

Joshua has been blessed to travel around the United States. Speaking with thousands of people nationally and internationally. Learning the human mind from cultures all around the world. It has allowed him to realize how alike everyone really is and struggles with relatively the same challenges.

Each person has supernatural greatness built inside of them when they are born. Many times it lies dormant and is never awakened, Joshua wants to inspire all people and awaken that supernatural greatness that lives in every human being. Speaking to all ages has been a blessing, but Joshua's heart is always pulled greatly towards the youth to give them a solid foundation of faith, strategies for victory and to find their purpose so they can walk into that supernatural life they've been called to live!

Power Speaking to Joshua effects others by either activating a life full of dreams and purpose or deactivating a life to mediocrity. Joshua delivers speeches or seminars traditionally upon the setting. He also delivers in a fresh unique way for students and venues at their request. This unique way of capturing the students and audiences attention is by emerging his gifts of public speaking and musical talents together. Starting off with his very own inspirational hip-hop set, to entice the minds of the audience making them more receptive of the upcoming inspirational speech. Rappers are who the students look up too, so having one that is also a power speaker is a double threat!

Joshua Theo  Backstory

Adversity is given to the toughest warriors! Joshua Theo a.k.a. J-Nibb has a life story to inspire and that's exactly what he's been doing for nearing a decade. Expressing his vulnerability and genuine heart to show that "your past has power". Your life is meant for you to live, but it is not meant for yours alone.

Joshua experienced and overcame the heartbreak of dreams taken, difficult school life, a troubled childhood with anger and divorced parents, unbalanced emotions, struggling with bullying, overcoming depression, unable to function due to spinal injuries, ending the feeling of worthlessness by comparison, overcoming homelessness and other life altering challenges. 


Joshua uses his past pain to be future healing for others by being relatable and teaching new perspectives. Building a strong mindset to enable you to walk through life's desert times and help lead you into the promised land. "Challenges are meant to be overcome so that we can become".


The J-Nibb side of Joshua Theo. From touring across The nation on multiple independent tours, hitting the top 10 on major radio, appearing in national and international magazines, several appearances on national and international TV and performing with a list of the music industry's most notable superstars. J-Nibb just received his 2nd #1 single of the year on the independent radio charts for his new song "Trap House" streaming everywhere. 


We are Currently booking Speaking dates now for his upcoming "In My Own Lane" Tour for his new album and book release Spring 2023. If you'd like Joshua Theo in your city, contact us!

Joshua Theo  Businesses

After graduating high school, Joshua Theo went on to becoming nationally and internationally known in the music industry signing a major distribution deal with Universal Records at 19. Along the way he studied and developed the skills in consulting, media, branding, graphic arts and marketing. Which in doing so, Joshua, has now multiple successful businesses and provides services to local and global companies around the world in several countries and multiple continents. Thriving off of integrity and a work ethic to execute every project at its highest ability. To serve every client the maximum result to expand their brand and achieve the highest level of success. Joshua's heart to help others pours into every area of his life. Currently working on five books on self-help development, encouragement and faith!

Power Speaking Topics

  • Finding Your Purpose
  • Overcoming Depression
  • Triple D Philosophy 
  • Keys to becoming Wealthy
  • Protecting Your "Mindfield"
  • Power of Positive Thinking
  • The Power of Self 
  • Changing Your Attitude
  • Time Management
  • Importance of Balance
  • The Bakers Dozen


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